We'd like to share who we are and what being a 

Consentopian is all ablout. 

Consentopia began in the hearts of people across the galaxy. It was brought to life by humanitarian and visionary, Amber Amour.

Consentopia is the perfect dream land. It's a safe and sacred realm where high vibrations are held in a high regard. We would like to bring Consentopia to Planet Earth to end sexual violence.

In Consentopia, we honor the Five Virtues daily so that we can maintain order and peace.


Living righteously and transforming the world into a culture of consent takes time. That's why we begin with ourselves. 

Read more about the Five Virtues of Consentopia below. Consider living by these virtues as a part of your own path to enlightenment.

The Five Virtues of Consentopia


  • We honor our own boundaries and we respect the boundaries of others


  • We believe all survivors of sexual assault and we hold Divine Justice in high esteem


  • We extend love to ourselves just as we extend love to others


  • We always do what is right and in the Highest Good of All


  • We honor Divine Truth and we operate in an honest and trustworthy manner